How big should my hot tub be?

Do I need a hot tub with a lounge seat?

When it comes to choosing a hot tub, there are a lot of decisions to make: Where do I put it? Which brand do I choose? How many seats do I need? How many jets do I need? And… inevitably you will need to decide – do I want a model with a lounge, or not?

Whether or not you choose a hot tub with a lounge seat really comes down to your personal preference, but here are a few things to consider.

What is a hot tub lounge seat?

A lounge seat in a spa is a seat that allows you to sit in a more reclined position. Imagine sitting upright in a reclining chair in the living room, and then reclining back so that the foot rest comes out and you are lying almost horizontally - this position is very similar to sitting in a hot tub lounge seat.

How well do you fit?

Lounge seats can vary dramatically in shape and size. Most lounge seats are designed for people who are average height or taller. It’s important to ensure that you can sit in the lounge seat comfortably – and preferably without a snorkel!

Being able to sit with your head above the water is not the only factor to consider from a fit standpoint. You should also make sure that your legs rest comfortably over the peak of the lounge seat, and that you are able to use your feet to lock yourself into position to keep you from floating away.

Be sure to sit in the hot tub while it is dry as well as when it is filled with water, if that is an option, to ensure you can rest comfortably in the lounge seat.

How many seats do you need in your spa?

Due to the size of a lounge seat, which generally takes up more room than a regular seat, a spa with a lounge usually will have one less seat than a similar sized spa without a lounge. So, if you are trying to seat a lot of people comfortably in a spa and you are limited on space, you may want to choose a model that does not have a lounge.

Are there any other hot tub seat options?

The lounge/non-lounge issue may not be as black and white as it seems. Many brands offer models with semi-reclined seats that allow you to lean back partially and enjoy an experience that is like sitting in a lounge, but without taking up quite as much space as a traditional lounge. The captain’s chair featured in the Hot Spring® Envoy is a great example.

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