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Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Hot Spring® spa owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues. This troubleshooting process does not require any technical ability to perform.

Your local authorized dealer should be available to assist – please give them a call! Hot Spring® also provides great customer support Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST)

Authorized Hot Spring® dealers have the most up-to-date service information from Hot Spring and will be aware of any recommended tools, component upgrades and techniques to repair your spa correctly. Non-authorized providers often use refurbished or outdated parts, which typically end up costing you more in time, risk, and money.

You can either download the owner’s manual for your spa or contact our Customer Service team and we can mail you a hardcopy at no charge.

Floaters dispense chemicals into the spa water 24/7, whether they’re needed or not. When the spa is closed with the jets off, the floater will stay in one location in the spa, spilling chemicals onto the horizontal surfaces immediately below it. Because the tablet does not dissolve evenly, those bits will etch and pit the plastic shell surface, leaving a rough surface that will not be comfortable to sit on and can damage swimsuits. These rough patches cannot be sanded or removed from the shell. View Hot Spring® water care products

Hot Spring® does not recommend using any type of oils or bath salts in your spa because they tend to gum up the filters and damage the electrical components in the spa. Using these products does not void the spa’s warranty, but any service needed to repair the spa because of damage caused by the use of non-approved chemicals is not covered by the warranty. Those can be expensive repairs, so if you’re not sure, ask your dealer before you use any new chemical or oil in your spa.

The first thing is to determine what spa sizes you are considering. Some spas do not offer the option of 110v service. It also depends on how you plan to use the spa. Basically, having a spa hooked up for 230v service means that the jets and the heater can operate at the same time. With a 110v unit, the heater will not come back on until you turn off the jets. If your new spa is going to be “party central” with several people in and out of the spa over a few hours, you might be happier with a 230v hookup. If your spa is going to be a quiet refuge for one or two people who enjoy a hot water soak with no jets, then a 110v unit might be best. Also, you need to consider whether you are installing your spa indoors or outdoors and whether you plan to use it year-round. Since many different factors go into this decision, give your dealer or Hot Spring® Consumer Service team a call before you buy. We’ll be glad to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your spa enjoyment.

Developing a working relationship with your locally authorized dealer is a great way for you to protect your investment in a used spa. Your authorized Hot Spring dealer will have the factory-recommended components and water care chemicals that will extend the life of your spa. They also have the latest information from the factory regarding any component upgrades needed for older spas.

Authorized Hot Spring® dealers are required by contract to deliver and provide warranty service for all new spa sales from their store. This ensures that the spa will not be damaged in transport between the dealership and you are home. This also means the dealer will have the technical staff to service your spa if/when needed. If you were to buy a Hot Spring spa farther from the delivery destination, the selling dealer may charge you a trip fee for their technician to travel to your home. What you saved in the initial purchase price may not compare to what you might have to pay the dealer for their travel. Dealer travel charges, if issued, are not covered by your spa’s warranty.

This question is best asked of your child’s pediatrician or other medical professional. Small children are sometimes less tolerant of exposure to hot water, so ask your doctor before allowing young children to use a spa.

Hot Spring® spas carry several different certifications that ensure the spa is safe to use. Some code enforcement personnel mistakenly believe that public pools and private residential spas require the same code compliance and barrier requirements. If you have questions about barrier requirements in your community or region, contact your authorized dealer to obtain the information you need. You may also call the Hot Spring Customer Service team to get help you find this information.

Yes. Your authorized dealer can order parts directly from Hot Spring®. If Hot Spring does not carry the original component, a replacement component of equal or better quality will be provided. Hot Spring can also provide a replacement cover for your spa that fits the corners and cover locks

Only authorized dealers may sell Hot Spring® spas directly to consumers. However, Hot Spring provides warranty coverage for your spa purchase and offers the strongest warranty in the industry. We also offer a warranty on parts purchased and installed by authorized dealers.

The price of a hot tub varies depending on where you live and other factors. In our extensive blog article we discuss and explain exactly why the exact price for a hot tub model requires a discussion with your nearest hot tub dealer.

Shoppers have many options for making a choice about the best hot tub for their own family. Most hot tub shoppers begin their journey online trying to narrow down the selection. There is no wrong answer here rather just another choice for you to make. The benefits of buying a hot tub from a certified hot tub dealer is that you can often ask for a test soak which gives you the opportunity to ensure you find a model that fits your body well, has comfortable hot tub seating and adequate hot tub massage jets. People come in different sizes and shapes and every hot tub has different dimensions, different seat types, different seat configurations and different types and quality of hot tub massage jet. A hot tub can be an expensive investment and it would be a great disappointment to buy the wrong one for your family.

The monthly electricity costs for running a hot tub vary for many different reasons. The first consideration is the particular hot tub model that you buy. The most energy efficient hot tubs today have great insulative qualities as well as energy efficient hot tub heaters and pumps. Hot tub insulation can be measured by R-value like other types of insulation. Our Hot Spring® models have one of the highest R-value insulation ratings available. The next consideration is the cost of electricity in your area which is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Every power district sets their own rates and the price of electricity where you live is key to understanding how much your electricity bill will go up if you run a hot tub. The climate and average daily temperature where you live is also a major consideration as most people install their hot tubs outdoors. The colder the climate the more electricity will be needed to keep the water warm. Another consideration is how often you will use your hot tub. When you are using your hot tub additional pumps come on to power the massage jets. In addition the cover is off of the hot tub allowing heat to escape into the air. The more often your hot tub is in use the higher the electricity costs will be. Lastly, keep your hot tub covered with a high efficiency hot tub cover to help seal heat in. And be sure your hot tub cover is in good condition and forms a tight seal with the top of your hot tub. Many Hot Spring owners report that their monthly electricity costs for running a hot tub are under $20. per month.

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